You’ve nailed responsive design, now what?

A few years ago, it seemed everyone was asking us about mobile and responsive design. Now responsive design is integrated in each digital project. It has become the standard.

The natural evolution for many organizations is to then focus on analytics. Gone are the days when we could just create a pretty website and wait for donations to come in. We need to leverage analytics to continually tweak and update websites to ensure that they’re meeting communication and organizational goals. Read More →

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12 Rules of Non-Profit (Video) Storytelling

There is no doubt that video storytelling is the most powerful tool to get up close and personal with your supporters.

You can communicate your mission and mandate by telling a story of someone (or animal) that benefits from your organizations. That testament is an effective moment to ask for a donation, whether it’s from a celebrity or from the subject themselves.

See examples of our successful storytelling.
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NTEN 2015 Wrap Up

Our visit to NTC in Austin this year was another one worth remembering. This year the conference was almost 2,000 people, showing the strong momentum in the digital channel amongst the non-profit sector.

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Let Data Lead the Way

For most of us, January is about creating overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions and then quickly realizing how unrealistic they were in the first place.
But now it’s February! Your holiday campaigns are all wrapped up and at this point you’ve (hopefully) had some time to analyze your 2014 marketing, communications, and fundraising results. What strategies worked? Which tactics should you do more of this year? What are you confident that will you never, ever try again?
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President’s Message

“Being better at what we do.” How’s that for a trend to follow in 2015. I think it’s the rise of better management tools and techniques that will make the biggest impact in 2015. Whether it’s the balanced score card, strategy map, journey mapping or whatever approach we’ve brought across from the commercial sector, it means we are finally getting done to the hard work of connecting the dots in our organizations. It’s not about kicking another direct mail piece out of the donor but having a thoughtful journey map and back end to truly love, keep and nurture the donors we find.
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