The Lowest Cost Way to Acquire Legacy Leads

The Lowest Cost Way to Acquire Legacy Leads

What is the absolute lowest cost way to get bequest (legacy) leads and then subsequently do some market research, cultivate, and solicit these individuals?

You clearly start online. Recently, hjc conducted an online survey of donors for a North American nonprofit. These donors were all monthly debit donors via credit card or bank account. A total of 2,842 individuals filled out the legacy section (of a total of 3,200). Of those 2,842 individuals, 1,413 supporters did NOT know you could leave a legacy to the nonprofit gave their contact information (both telephone number and email) to learn more. In addition, 136 supporters did know you could leave a legacy to their organization and would like more information. Finally, 9 individuals have indicated they have left a legacy in their will.

This is an astonishing result! The roll out for this organization was thoughtful and clear. They wanted some more market research so they will:

  • Call the 800 individuals who left telephone numbers wanting to learn more and invite 10 of them to a focus group to explore the legacy potential of this larger file and shake out some more information on the overall legacy positioning and marketing moving forward.
  • Then subsequently use multiple channels to cultivate and solicit these leads.

hjc is finding that an online legacy survey is a very, very cost effective way to kick start a legacy (bequest) program for other organizations. Below you can see a few other legacy surveys and the results that came to each organization:

hjc believes the perceived anonymity of an online survey makes individuals much more comfortable to reveal their legacy leanings and we’ve seen online surveys perform 300% more effectively than parallel direct mail surveys within the same organizations. Yes, that was 300%! Traditional direct response folks…deal with it and move on.

Is it time to embed online marketing research, cultivation and solicitation into your bequest, legacy programs? That time has already come and gone. hjc is ready to help you use online for your legacy (bequest) program today. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

posted on Oct 06

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