3 Tips for Marketing Your Symbolic Giving Program

3 Tips for Marketing Your Symbolic Giving Program

3 Tips for Marketing Your Symbolic Giving Program

We’ve written here and here before about the importance of having a symbolic giving catalogue, so in this article we’re offering up a few tips to help you effectively market your brilliant catalogue. Let’s jump right in!

1.      Piggyback on holidays & special occasions throughout the year

This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how often organizations launch their catalogue for the holiday giving season in November/December and then ignore it the rest of the year. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and graduations are all events where people are looking for unique or special gift ideas.

With a little time and minimal resources, you can make slight design and copy adjustments that focus on these holidays. Then, align your marketing efforts around these times and you’re well on your way to successfully utilizing your catalogue year-round.

Bonus tip: Search engine marketing is a must to market your holiday-focused symbolic giving campaign. Need more info? Email Mark.

2.      Integrate marketing across multiple channels

As with all marketing efforts, it’s vital to integrate your symbolic giving campaign across multiple channels. Include a catalogue insert in your DM piece, send an email to your house list, and run a comprehensive search with supporting display campaign.

You don’t need a large budget to start integrating your marketing efforts. Just start with a holistic view of what your supporters are receiving and gradually integrate your efforts. It will yield excellent results.

3.      Let your supporters spread the message

Give your supporters the tools to share your catalogue with their friends and let them help you market your catalogue. Have you posted about the catalogue on Facebook and asked your followers to share? Have you asked for retweets on Twitter? Does your email newsletter have an easy forward to a friend feature?



While not all of your existing social media or email followers will shop from your catalogue, they may know someone who will and all they need to do is ask.

By following one or more of these tips, you can turn your symbolic giving catalogue into a year-round fundraising machine. Looking for help setting up or promoting your symbolic giving catalogue? Get in touch with us today.

posted on May 29

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