Are you forgetting about SEO?

Are you forgetting about SEO?

Good fundraisers always try and ensure they are meeting the needs of their constituents. And in a day and age when your constituents are going online to look for you, meeting the needs of your constituents means making sure they can find you. That’s where search engine optimisation fits in.   Optimising means taking the necessary actions to ensure that when a constituent is Googling to find out how to support “x” issue, that your pages come up first.

Why not check out Google Insights for Search? It’s a free tool that illustrates search trends based on time on and geographic regions. When you type in a keyword, say “alternative gifts”, this tool actually pulls up related search queries that people are actually using that you may never have thought about incorporating into your website copy. Imagine the possibilities! When you know what people are actually searching for you can use those words on your pages so that your page appears when someone types in that search term.

Secondly, if you have Google Analytics set up for your homepage or any related landing pages; take another look at the keywords that people are using to find you. To find out, log into your analytics dashboard, and click on “keywords” under the “traffic sources” sub-menu.

There is a lot more to SEO and it takes some time to master it. But these tips should help get you started with optimising!

posted on Oct 06

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  1. says: Great post, thanks for sharing. :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing. :)

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