Conference Survival

Conference Survival

Conferences are busy, a little overwhelming and can be stressful for some people. But with a little pre-planning, it’s easy to make the most of your conference adventure!

Check out our top 6 tips to maximize your conference experience.

  1. Meet People. If the registration list is provided ahead of time, choose three people that you would like to meet. Write it down, and state why you want to meet them. Then, make it happen. You can even list some questions you’d like to ask them.
  2. Put on your auto-responder. Make sure people know that you’re at a conference where you are learning to help make you better at your job.
  3. Think Business cards. Bring them. Share them. Collect them from others.
  4. Get LinkedIn. Right after the conference, connect with new contacts on LinkedIn. Be sure to send a personal message noting where you met.
  5. Pay attention. You’ve made the commitment to attend the conference to learn something new. Focus your attention on the sessions you’re attending instead of worrying what’s going on back at the office.
  6. Report back. Host a lunch and learn at your office and share with your colleagues a few of the key takeaways that you picked up.

Oh and have fun! Conferences are a great opportunity to network with peers in the sector, share great ideas and learn something new.

posted on Oct 16

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