Email Marketing and Segmentation

Email Marketing and Segmentation

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or even the Gap after your last purchase, there is nothing that stands out in your inbox more than communications that are tailored to you.

This theory applies tenfold when the correspondence is coming from a charity, who must be very mindful of ensuring that each of their communications caters to the specific audience they’re targeting. After all, a charity’s email list is their key to building relationships, retaining their constituents, and getting donations.

Here at hjc, we have been supporting American Heart Association (AHA) with their email deployment, working with them to tailor both content and imagery for up to eight different audiences, which range from non-supports, donors, to advocates.

Andrew Magnuson, National Director of Digital Fundraising told us: “At AHA we are highly focused on delivering messaging that is as relevant as possible to our supporters. Our team at HJC have always been completely aligned with our strategic vision, and have been a valuable partner in the development and delivery of innovative content that best connects with our wide variety of constituents and donors”

Luminate Online, an online marketing and fundraising platform from Blackbaud, allows us to conditionalise content based on the audience or group, and then input content for that specific audience. We can then personalize this, with the user’s name, last donation amount (if any), address, or a range of other biographical or personal information.

The benefits for a charity result in more memorable engagements, better reception in the form of clicks and actions, and stronger relationships. This all leads to more conversions, donations and further engagement from participants in general.

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posted on Aug 21

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