Featured Profile – Rich @ give2gether

Featured Profile – Rich @ give2gether

This month we had a chance to connect with Arnon Shafir and Richard Levy of give2gether.

Can you tell us a little about give2gether and how it helps nonprofits?
It’s a self-serve platform that nonprofits use to raise more money online. We’re a natural extension to platforms like Convio, Artez, and Blackbaud – allowing nonprofits to simply and powerfully extend their fundraising campaigns, capture more donors and convert a much higher percentage of them into fundraisers. Think of give2gether as a fundraising Kickstarter for nonprofits. It’s the way for your organization to finally raise real money via social media.

The adoption of social media is still relatively new for nonprofits – how does this fit into what give2gether offers?
We’re bridging social media interaction and online fundraising and making it accessible and affordable for our clients. It’s particularly useful for nonprofits using SalesForce, Convio or any other CRM systems who wish to be more successful at monetizing their supporters’ social interactions. We help nonprofits turn “likes” into dollars.

What fuels give2gether to be successful in the nonprofit sector?
Our platform is based on 10 years of research and unique insights into why people give to a cause, what increases their participation rate and how and when they will involve their network. These insights are the driving force behind our clients’ success. And it’s why we are averaging triple the response rates for online and social media giving.

What kind of clients or organizations do you work with?
We’ve worked with all the vertical markets in the nonprofit sector and have helped smaller, local and regional groups as well as large national and international agencies.

And of course – what kind of results have you seen to date by clients using give2gether?
We have small nonprofits that have raised $100,000, $300,000 and even $700,000 in a single campaign. More importantly, we typically see 10% visitor to donor conversion rates via email and average donor conversion rates of 3.5% including email and social media shares fundraising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our clients are successfully tapping into their High- Networked constituents, tripling their online donor conversion rates and raising real revenue with social media.

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posted on Mar 13

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