Meet the hjc Team: Emma Cosgrove, Operations Manager

Meet the hjc Team: Emma Cosgrove, Operations Manager

Hjc has some of the smartest experts in the non profit world, so what better way to meet them then through our blog! This week, the Wonder Woman of the office, our Operations Manager – Emma Cosgrove

What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is the only agency that focuses solely on non profits and has the expertise in a fully integrated approach to fundraising and communications. We think big picture but can also tactically execute with our in house creative team.

What’s your role at the agency?
I am the Operations Manager and Senior Consultant at hjc – I make sure our company runs smoothly so we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients. While my main role is to oversee the team here, I also oversee projects we are working on and help out the team when needed.

What 3 quick tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Don’t be scared to change
2) Talk to your supporters!
3) Think about collecting emails at every touch point – you can’t talk to your supporters if you have no way to reach them.

Give us a topline of a recent project you worked on. What was the results?
I help out with a lot of projects our team members work on so I get to see the variety of our work. There is a lot of stand out work but things that come to mind are:
- Super cool donation forms that break away from the traditional non-profit layout and follow best practices in the corporate sector…we dont have any live yet but I can’t wait to show them off and see the results!
-Donor Journey mapping is newer to non-profits but has produced amazing results. Really understanding how people engage with your organization can make a huge difference in communicating with them effectively. We have done some journey mapping for a number of organizations and already seen how communications have changed afterwards.

Operations is important because……
It focuses on organization and process which are the key to success!

I’m a hjc-er because….
I got tired of stalking the company on social media and decided it was time to join the team


posted on Jul 17

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