Meet the Team: Daniel Abercrombie, Creative and Design Manager.

Meet the Team: Daniel Abercrombie, Creative and Design Manager.

Meet Dan, our Creative Head at hjc:

1. What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is unique in that we combine the fast-paced agency work ethic with a family-like feel, and bring it to the nonprofit sector. We’re also able to help many clients achieve their needs by using a holistic, integrated approach that produces effective results. At hjc, we love reminding you that we don’t work for you, we work with you.

2. What’s your role at the agency?
My role is Creative and Design Manager. I am responsible for leading a successful creative process both internally and with our clients, as well as executing day-to-day work designing pretty (and functional) things.
3.  What 3 quick design tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Remember every design problem is unique. We encourage you to find examples of existing projects you like, but what works for that, may not work for your organization.
2) Design for the future. It is very important to produce a modern looking (and working) design, as your goal should be to stay relevant for years, not months.
3) Be visual in your storytelling.  Think outside the box of “words are the only way to tell your story”. That being said, it’s important to think of design and copy as a single cohesive unit, not two separate things.

4.  Give us a topline of a recent project you worked on. What was the results?
NHL Hockey Fights Cancer
This project’s primary focus was on email acquisition, donations, and community involvement from hockey fans and people affected by cancer.
It was successful in that we were able to help an already existing brand gain new heights with its fundraising approach, while still making a large impact via social media channels.

5.  Design is important because…
Design isn’t just pictures and graphics, it’s actually usability. A well thought out design will always ensure a good user experience whether a full website redesign or a restaurant menu.

6. I’m an hjc-er because…
I love working with people to solve unique problems by way of design. Working on many brands at once is also a bonus!

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