Meet The Team: Hilary Grunewald

Meet The Team: Hilary Grunewald

This month we are focusing on our team in the USA! Hilary Grunewald is a Fundraising Consultant and heads up Operations south of the border.

1. What makes hjc unique as an agency?
We’re fundraisers first! Many of us worked for nonprofit organizations, so we understanding the importance of providing the highest value for every dollar our clients spend with us. We are also a full service agency that can take a campaign from conception to implementation to post launch.

2. What’s your role at the agency?
I am a Fundraising Consultant

3. What 3 quick consulting tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1. When thinking about content focus on quality versus quantity.
2. Even when you are rushed for time, think strategically.
3. Ask for feedback from participants and donors – you can’t succeed without knowing what can be improved.

4. I’m a hjc-er because…
I’m proud to work for a company with so many amazing and passionate individuals that keep me learning every day.

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