Next Gen UK: How Do Donors Behave Across the Pond?

Next Gen UK: How Do Donors Behave Across the Pond?

Spring 2013 saw the launch of two hjc initiatives – the launch of Xtraordinary Fundraising, our UK based integrated fundraising sister consultancy and the Next Generation of UK Giving 2013 report. Following our Next Gen Canada/US report of 2011, we turned our attention to the UK market and carried out a similar study, surveying 1,500 UK donors on their giving behavior. No study of this kind had been carried out in the UK and it’s interesting to compare UK donor behavior with North America.

How do the UK and Canada/US compare?

One of the most striking differences in donor habits is the difference in monthly giving. While in North America regular donations come from younger donors, in the UK the trend is reversed.

All Channels

UK donors are comfortable with all media channels. They are donor omnivores! Even Matures are using online as part of their donor experience, typically checking an organization’s website before making a donation decision. So next time you send out that mail pack consider integration with other channels. And, from our own experience in the UK, we know that even the oldest donor bases respond well to online – especially when integrated with more traditional fundraising methods.

Zoomers and Hyper-Adventurers!

UK Zoomers (Boomers with zip!) are highly motivated towards event fundraising – and making the event their own. So, while they are raising funds for their favorite cause the event has more to do with them: they become the brand. It takes confidence, but if your organization feels happy with it, Zoomers can raise a lot of funds!

Sessions and Webinars 2013

Next Gen UK sessions will be taking place throughout the UK in 2013 – more details coming up!

If you would like to download our Next Gen UK report, you can do so here.

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