Not Another Rubber Chicken Gala!

Not Another Rubber Chicken Gala!

Galas can have a staid and rubber chicken reputation for good reason. They haven’t changed much for many organizations for the last 50 years. But technology leaps and generational differences should push more charities to rethinking, and tinkering, with their galas.

14 years ago—yes …14 years ago—a community based senior’s services organization, the Mon Sheong Foundation, asked hjc to redefine their gala.

We came up with a technology fueled plan that introduced mobile giving platforms, laptops, online auctions, and more. At the same time, there wasn’t an organization in the world that had contemplated something so new. Take a look at the original outline here.

And now, 14 years later, we’ve got something that begins to come close to the same forward thinking from Charity:Water. Read through how they have taken the age-old (and tired) gala approach to fundraising and made it more engaging, technologically relevant, and uses techniques that speak to younger individuals.
Now, what are you going to do with your gala? Drop me a line if you need any help:

posted on Apr 29

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