President’s Message

President’s Message

I love the title of the new book on Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy. It’s deceptive and tricky.

Because it’s changing the rules – and it’s not changing the rules. What I mean is that fundamentally people give for most of the same reasons no matter the country: they give to help others; they give to make the world a better place; and they give so that the future is better than today.

We love comparative knowledge and one of the areas we’ve delved into over the years is the sensitive, beautiful area of legacy giving. Here at hjc, we were told that there are fundamental differences in how someone – let’s say in Argentina vs. Canada vs. Romania would look at leaving a legacy.

But after doing research and work on people’s attitudes and the legal settings of countries as different as the ones above, we found that there were many more similarities than differences in leaving a legacy (e.g. a part of your estate to charity).

The biggest change in philanthropy has been a shifting perspective that says that you can find as many, or more, generous donors in what was once called the developing world vs. the developed world.

We can now confidently ask for money in many more countries – lifted up economically and socially by globalized trade. But how donors in all of these newly donor-active countries think is pretty well the same.

Let’s keep that in mind moving forward.

posted on Jun 09

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