President’s Message

President’s Message

In the past, holiday giving was more generic and general. An email or direct mail appeal would go out in November. Predictably, it would talk about the special time of year and why someone should give to the worthy cause because of that special time. There was no specificity in the offer. The donor’s holiday gift was positioned as an extra generous thing to do at a special time of year.

This won’t work well anymore.

Now, donors (and especially younger donors) want to make holiday gift choices that are more directed and have the look and feel of making a gift purchase (albeit philanthropic).

How do we do know? In part through practice but also through research. We just completed a new study on generational giving in Canada and I’ll share a sliver of that research with you today. Below, you’ll see the younger the donor, the more they want to see the impact of their donation and in some way direct their gift to affect one particular thing.

That’s why you see symbolic gift campaigns at holiday time that give people more information on impact, exactly where the gift can make a difference, and have the feeling of being more gift-like.

Are you ready to do that? If not, give us a call.

posted on Jul 18

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