President’s Message

President’s Message

It’s the time of year when I watch my son and daughter get back to school. My son was thrilled to get an Angry Birds pencil case to put his pencils, eraser, etc. into. I’m sure all of us remember that pencil case as the go-to pouch full of everything we needed to get our work done in class.

But what about fundraisers this September? What should be in your pencil case?

Every fundraiser wants more resources to invest in their programs – whether that’s short term (annual campaign) or longer term (planned giving), but how do you find the tools you need to argue for more resources going into this all important fundraising period?

I’m going to go back to something I call the Integrated Fundraising Balanced Scorecard. I’ve talked about it in the past and I’m coming across it again and again. For a large, umbrella fundraising organization, it was an ‘ah hah!’ moment last week when they realized how helpful a document that carefully connects strategy and tactics together will be.

And I wanted to give out a big shout out to Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and the CEO, Mark Lukowski, for his thoughtful focus in creating a strategic plan that has clearly laid out Balanced Scorecard-like documents. His commitment to organizing strategic direction makes it much easier to connect tactical, fundraising improvements and investments with confidence.

How many of you have a strategic document? If you don’t have one, get one in your ‘fundraising pencil case’. It is your ally when asking for further fundraising investment.

posted on Sep 18

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