President’s Message

President’s Message

For nonprofit organizations with limited resources like budget, staff, or expertise, doing something new or improved in fundraising can be a real challenge. This month’s newsletter has some excellent examples of nonprofit organizations who have taken the risk of allocating extra resources to do something new and improved, like OSPCA and Sunshine Foundation’s new symbolic gift campaigns.

For both of these organizations, they made calculated risks by analyzing where they saw the greatest potential to grow new fundraising revenue. They looked at demographic trends, technology opportunities and fundraising gaps. In both of their cases, they saw symbolic giving as ways to reach younger donors – and give older donors something new and improved.

And with the new service from Unxvision and hjc, we’re innovating with cohort driven fundraising services tied to technology. Online and digital marketing are key ways for nonprofit organizations—large and small—to fundraise more effectively and efficiently now and in the future. By providing a lower cost cohort model to build best practice digital fundraising, we are hoping to remove the barrier of limited resources for many charities and get them up-to-speed.

Here’s to the new and improved for our fall fundraising!

posted on Oct 15

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