President’s Message

President’s Message

Fundraising is culture. And that’s why so much fundraising happens in the last few months of the year. The religious-cultural construct concentrates our minds, empathy and activities to helping others and we naturally give a lot to the charities we care about. If fact, we give up to 60% of our charitable dollars for the year in the last 3 months. It’s important and that’s why Emma Cosgrove from hjc has a few important things to say to you about how hjc can help you with your year-end, holiday giving.

But there’s one other way we can improve on year end giving – and that’s better storytelling with the help of storytellers. I want you to watch this to-the-point but humourous rant on the irritating fact that EVERYONE is a storyteller – including many of us in fundraising.

This holiday, we’re offering up a REAL storyteller – a documentary film maker, Mark Johnston, who has won Emmies, BAFTAs, and made over 60 documentaries around the world. He’s helped our clients focus their stories; capture their stories and make them more effective. If you’d like to be more successful this holiday – give Emma a shout out after reading her article here – or drop me a line and you can turbo charge your storytelling this holiday too!

posted on Aug 22

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