President’s Message for October

President’s Message for October

In fundraising, the holiday period is incredibly important for many organizations. Culturally, the holiday period (November, December, January) is a time when up to 60% of individual gifts come in over a calendar year. To take full advantage of this season of giving, organizations need to be prepared well in advance.

Traditionally, that has meant that direct mail packages were readied in the summer and early fall Christmas label packages were dropping into the mailboxes of expectant, prospective holiday supporters. By the time, the holidays had come in November and December, fundraisers had done most of their work months before and there was often time to enjoy some well deserved holiday punch (as long as everything was going accordingly to the logistical plan).

However, the digital world has created a new calendar cadence. More and more, digital giving opportunities around the holidays are all about ‘last minute’ giving. The online world emphasizes the lightning speed of giving. It means that the traditional, upfront work of traditional direct response holiday giving has a new period of bustling activity when the lettershop are quiet.

Now we see email appeals going out from December 24th through December 31st and bringing in large amounts of money. December online has become an intense period of last minute, emotional appeals. The convenience of symbolic giving needs to be planned, and executed throughout December. Have you made your digital plan to fully leverage the new phenomenon of last minute digital giving. If you’re not ready with a few appeals in December, you may be missing the new boat. Give me a call!

posted on Oct 18

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