Shared Perspectives on Planned Giving

Shared Perspectives on Planned Giving

Mike Johnston and Paul Nazareth recently had lunch and over two very good salads, they realized some shared perspectives on planned giving in Canada.

I recently had lunch with Paul Nazareth and over two very good salads we realized some shared perspectives on planned giving in Canada:

1. There is WAY too much planned giving strategy that is based on what others are doing. When it comes to innovation, planned giving staff are sadly behind. We both agreed that the reality of a slightly moribund sub group of fundraisers is going to miss out on some clearly big trends e.g. the new use of the online environment to find bequest donors.

2. The only way you can bring innovation to your planned giving department is to get out of your comfort zone. Your donors are already changing before our eyes (please download our Next Generation of Giving reportĀ  to remind yourself) so every planned giving staff person has to change too. And getting out of your comfort zone means you’re beginning to change the existing culture of an organization. It’s not easy but it has to be done.

3. Planned giving officers are NOT wearing their passion on their sleeves. If you love what you do, you have to let others know – including your donors. I promised Paul I’d show him my fundraising passion tattoo the next time we get together. And we urge every planned giving officer to give themselves a passion check. Are they in the right business? Do they burn with a love and passion for all things planned giving?

posted on Jun 21

2 Responses to “Shared Perspectives on Planned Giving”

  1. Maimu says:

    These are all very nice thoughts. Passion is not at all an issue with my organization. The challenge is to effectively impact donors with a “planned giving” message that does not offend by seeming to ask for too much.

  2. Mike says:

    Maimu, I find that, overall, most donors are more offended when you ask for too little; when you don’t believe that the donor is capable of amazing generosity. I’ve seen donors upset when you ask for too little from them e.g. “you don’t know who I am and how capable I am of something great with you”

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