Three Tips to Create a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Three Tips to Create a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Are you always trying to reinvent your donor base? Do you want to find a new, stable source of income? Want to increase existing donors’ loyalty? You need a really good Monthly Giving Program!

As a fundraiser, you probably know the benefits of monthly giving—like reducing your fundraising costs; increasing the lifetime value of your donors; and providing a stable, ongoing source of income for your organization.

But creating a monthly giving program or revamping your existing one to excite donors can be a challenge. Here are three tips to create (or re-create) a meaningful, successful monthly giving program.

1.      Create a visual monthly giving program brand

Make your monthly giving program appeal to your supporters by creating a unique monthly brand that is relevant to the experience of the individual. Instead of asking people to be a monthly donor, ask them to join your Give Hope for Life Monthly Giving Program (Canadian Cancer Society Saskatchewan), or become an All Animals Defender (Humane Society International). Eventually, you can create spin-off brands (like Street Dog Defenders  and Lab Animal Defenders ) that appeal to your supporters’ specific interests.

2.      Use all communication channels to promote your monthly giving program

If you want your monthly giving program to be successful, you need to use multiple channels to reach out to all types of supporters and prospective supporters. The worst thing you can do is hide or bury your monthly giving program.

Of course, telling supporters about your program isn’t the same as asking them to become a monthly donor. Whatever channel(s) you’re using—face-to-face, telephone, direct mail, online—your message needs to be compelling, relevant and direct. Don’t be shy about making monthly giving your primary ask!

3.      Steward your monthly donors

You need to honour promises and steward your monthly donors. Report back to them on the impact of their gift. Remind them why giving to you regularly is right for them. It’s easy for people to cancel their donations if they stop feeling good about them.

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posted on Apr 29

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  1. Thank you for this! I’m a new ED at our organization and we’ve been struggling with how to launch monthly giving. While it seems almost painfully obvious, we’ve been sort of stuck in the mode of thinking that it has to be driven off our existing donor base. Very limited thinking and your info work me up to that – much appreciated

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