Why hire a Fundraising Agency

Why hire a Fundraising Agency

While the for-profit sector has been working with ad agencies and partners for decades to establish their brands and sell their products, the non-profit sector has been hesitant. And with good reason. In a sector where you’re constantly scrutinized for any money spent outside of your organization, hiring externally for your marketing is a constant battle with stakeholders.
However, keeping projects strictly internal has it’s own hurdles. Even for smaller organizations, dealing with multiple, siloed departments can cause inefficiencies, delays, and other headaches.

So what can a fundraising agency bring to the table?
From strategy, creative, to web development and fundraising technologies such as Luminate Online and TeamRaiser — the ideal agency will be a one-stop shop that can cover all your fundraising needs.
From simple end-of-year campaigns and e-appeals to more complex engagements such as Donor Journey Mapping, and New-market Entry, fundraising agencies can help guide you to uncharted territory with confidence.

Change Management
Nonprofit or not, it can happen to any organization. Their processes become dated and they are caught in a cycle of “catch up” where they can’t make time for the goals they had envisioned. Holistic fundraising agencies can assist by identifying the gaps in the structure of an organization to help bring much needed harmony for short and long-term success.

Analytics and Optimization
Because fundraising agencies work with multiple organizations, they have the added benefit of having tried-and-tested processes and best practices already in place.
Although your organization can be unique, fundraising agencies will be able to help you develop baselines and KPIs, provide new insights, and perform constant monitoring of campaigns to optimize for the best results and maximum return.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a fundraising agency is the fact that you’re essentially hiring a whole slew of experienced employees invested in your success. Because agencies aren’t as close to the organization as it’s current employees, they can bring a fresh eye and new angles to strategies you haven’t thought of before. Collaboration allows synergy and idea generation you didn’t have access to prior, and a team who is ready to execute said ideas.

The bottom-line
It’s easy for those working in an organization to get stuck in the day-to-day upkeep where overall fundraising, marketing strategy and long-term sustainability slips through the cracks or continuously gets pushed back. Being cost-conscious is always a priority, but this is where fundraising agencies can step in to not only save your organization time and money, but in many cases, make much more than what was invested.

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posted on Sep 14

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