Let Data Lead the Way

Let Data Lead the Way

For most of us, January is about creating overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions and then quickly realizing how unrealistic they were in the first place.
But now it’s February! Your holiday campaigns are all wrapped up and at this point you’ve (hopefully) had some time to analyze your 2014 marketing, communications, and fundraising results. What strategies worked? Which tactics should you do more of this year? What are you confident that will you never, ever try again?

Over the past month, we have been busy helping our clients arrive at these answers. And to help guide this process, we’ve been working on a fascinating research project with NTEN and Care2.
On February 12th, we will be releasing the 2015 Digital & Integration Outlook Report: Nonprofit Trends & Strategy. Combining case studies and thought-leadership with data from nearly 500 charities and nonprofits across North America, this report will look at the ways charities are investing in digital strategy for the year ahead.
We know the value of data. Reports like the one we are about to release help to paint a data-filled portrait of the non-profit sector. It is up to organizations to digest this information, and then look inward. How does your organization stack up against sector-wide benchmarks? And how will you stack up to your own benchmarks this year? There is no better time to find the answers to these questions.

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posted on Feb 03

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