Email Marketing and Segmentation

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or even the Gap after your last purchase, there is nothing that stands out in your inbox more than communications that are tailored to you.

This theory applies tenfold when the correspondence is coming from a charity, who must be very mindful of ensuring that each of their communications caters to the specific audience they’re targeting. After all, a charity’s email list is their key to building relationships, retaining their constituents, and getting donations.

Here at hjc, we have been supporting American Heart Association (AHA) with their email deployment, working with them to tailor both content and imagery for up to eight different audiences, which range from non-supports, donors, to advocates.
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Meet the Team: Daniel Abercrombie, Creative and Design Manager.

Meet Dan, our Creative Head at hjc:

1. What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is unique in that we combine the fast-paced agency work ethic with a family-like feel, and bring it to the nonprofit sector. We’re also able to help many clients achieve their needs by using a holistic, integrated approach that produces effective results. At hjc, we love reminding you that we don’t work for you, we work with you.

2. What’s your role at the agency?
My role is Creative and Design Manager. I am responsible for leading a successful creative process both internally and with our clients, as well as executing day-to-day work designing pretty (and functional) things.
3.  What 3 quick design tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Remember every design problem is unique. We encourage you to find examples of existing projects you like, but what works for that, may not work for your organization.
2) Design for the future. It is very important to produce a modern looking (and working) design, as your goal should be to stay relevant for years, not months.
3) Be visual in your storytelling.  Think outside the box of “words are the only way to tell your story”. That being said, it’s important to think of design and copy as a single cohesive unit, not two separate things.
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Digital Outlook Report 2015: Key Digital Trends for the Charity World

In the non-profit and charity world, digital is seen as the new channel, which still needs to be tapped to really optimize on the potential it can bring for an organization. In the beginning of 2015, hjc, together with NTEN and Care2 collaborated to produce a report looking at digital trends that should be closely explored. Outlined below are 7 key steps to drive success in 2015:

1. LEARN YOUR LESSONS: Proving ROI continues to be a challenge for some respondent organizations. Allocate time each month to look back at what worked best, what didn’t work, and why. Don’t repeat your failures, report on your successes, and optimize to make more of them.

2. STRUCTURE YOUR TEAM FOR SUCCESS: Within the mix of development, marketing, and communications departments, it’s development that continues to operate most independently. With pressure on lean staff, it’s crucial that goals and messaging are aligned across all departments and channels for maximum impact. Integrate – there are stakeholders across your organization that are necessary to ensure a successful digital strategy. Read More →

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Meet the hjc Team: Emma Cosgrove, Operations Manager

Hjc has some of the smartest experts in the non profit world, so what better way to meet them then through our blog! This week, the Wonder Woman of the office, our Operations Manager – Emma Cosgrove

What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is the only agency that focuses solely on non profits and has the expertise in a fully integrated approach to fundraising and communications. We think big picture but can also tactically execute with our in house creative team.

What’s your role at the agency?
I am the Operations Manager and Senior Consultant at hjc – I make sure our company runs smoothly so we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients. While my main role is to oversee the team here, I also oversee projects we are working on and help out the team when needed.

What 3 quick tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Don’t be scared to change
2) Talk to your supporters!
3) Think about collecting emails at every touch point – you can’t talk to your supporters if you have no way to reach them.
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Gen-Z: Are you prepared??

For most organizations, having just acquired the tools and tips to tackle Gen-Y, you will then be anxious to know that Gen-Z is hot on their heels! Gen Z is already emerging to be a socially conscious and ethical band of individuals.

Defined as 12-19 years olds, Gen-Z is a group of progressive digital natives who use technology more than any previous group. More importantly, they believe in social as a real driving force for change.

With twenty percent of children and teens say they want to start a charity in their lifetimes, the younger demographic is ripe with opportunity. (Source: Deep Focus) Nearly 70% of people under 20 have volunteered, with nearly half volunteering at least once a month. According to the latest Winter/Spring 2015 Cassandra Report: a survey of more than 900 kids ages 7 to 17 conducted by Deep Focus more than a third of those surveyed had donated their own money to a cause, while more than one in four had helped raise money.
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