Featured Profile: Elain Evans

Elain Evans, Director, Annual Giving at UBC


Can you tell us a little bit about your role at UBC?

I am the Director of the Annual Giving team. We are responsible for doing all the direct response work for over a dozen faculties, schools and campus initiatives. I lead a team of 13 full-time staff and also 70 part-time student callers.

We’re a busy bunch! Last year, we completed 169 campaigns resulting in 29,417 gifts. I love my job, as it is the perfect combination for my data head (I studied monitoring and evaluation) and the writer in me (I’m also a food writer for Men’s Health magazine). Basically, I like creating things that cause people to take action. I also feel very blessed to get to lead a team of talented people who bring their A game to work every day. Read More →

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