NTEN 2015 Wrap Up

Our visit to NTC in Austin this year was another one worth remembering. This year the conference was almost 2,000 people, showing the strong momentum in the digital channel amongst the non-profit sector.

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Jumping Towards Success: Bringing a Classic Event into the 21st Century

If you ask around your office, you’re bound to find someone who participated in Jump Rope for Heart as a kid. Jump Rope for Heart is easily one of the longest running and most successful youth fundraising events. And it will be for a long time to come. Not just because it’s essentially a rite of passage for kids in Canada, but also because the Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to evolve their event. So, how are they doing this? Read More →

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How One Client Built Their Email List From Nothing

The Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation has been working to achieve world peace through a scientifically proven approach using Peace Experts who specialize in a highly advanced form of meditation. Intrigued? Check out their website to learn more. They’ve had a strong following in their own community but needed to reach outside their current audience. Read More →

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A new super tax credit that makes us smile

We recently teamed up with Operation Smile to create a video that promotes the new super tax credit for first time donors. If you’re a first time donor to a charitable organization, or have not donated since 2007, then you are eligible! The new credit effectively adds 25% to the rates used to calculate the standard tax credit, for amounts up to $1000. Now that is definitely a reason to smile! Read More →

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Not Another Rubber Chicken Gala!

Galas can have a staid and rubber chicken reputation for good reason. They haven’t changed much for many organizations for the last 50 years. But technology leaps and generational differences should push more charities to rethinking, and tinkering, with their galas.

14 years ago—yes …14 years ago—a community based senior’s services organization, the Mon Sheong Foundation, asked hjc to redefine their gala. Read More →

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