Unlocking Peer-to-Peer Success this Summer

So you’re planning a peer-to-peer event and want to ensure you hit your fundraising goals? Look no further!

Peer-to-peer season has started, and you want to make sure this year stands out from the rest! Whether this is your first event or your fifteenth, these tried and true tips will guide you on a path to fundraising success.
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Plan Now for Your End of Year Campaign

Don’t wait to start planning your holiday giving ask! With your summer vacation booked, it’s time to start planning.

To help you get a head start, check out the tips and questions in this article. They’ll help you plan early so you stand out at holiday time – not blend in. Read More →

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Do You Use Stories in These Two Ways?

Please stop telling me to use stories and tell me how to use them! How many times have you thought that as you read another article about the importance of storytelling for non-profits?

It’s not that you and I don’t appreciate the why explanation, but now we’re convinced. And we’re ready to use our non-profit stories to connect with our supporters on a much deeper level. But how can we best use our stories? Read More →

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Let’s talk about writing with emotion

Skim brief. Facebook. Read comments and look at pictures. Read brief. Read website. Google things that make you feel something. Put on headphones. Turn on music. Turn off music. Walk around. Repeat.

That’s my ritual.

I do that before I write copy because when I sit down to write, I need to get into the right space inside my head. Writing compelling, emotional, motivating, donor centred copy is not as simple as following a formula. And it’s even more challenging when you’re writing online.

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Non profit organizations command a world of potentially powerful stories, about their missions and mandates, about the people they’ve served, and about the people who’ve made the organizations what they are. Sadly, these stories often go untold, or are not shared effectively with the giving public. Read More →

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