Let Data Lead the Way

For most of us, January is about creating overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions and then quickly realizing how unrealistic they were in the first place.
But now it’s February! Your holiday campaigns are all wrapped up and at this point you’ve (hopefully) had some time to analyze your 2014 marketing, communications, and fundraising results. What strategies worked? Which tactics should you do more of this year? What are you confident that will you never, ever try again?
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President’s Message

What is Big Data and what does it have to do with the nonprofit sector?

Books and articles about Big Data are beginning to flow. But…just what the heck is that? In layperson’s terms, Big Data are data sets that are too large for existing data management tools to sort, analyze, and visualize in a reasonable set of time. Read More →

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President’s Message

The last month in the fundraising world has made me think about the Dune novels by Frank Herbert. (Even if you don’t know the reference, I urge you to keep reading.) In particular, there is one character type in those books – the Menta . These were highly trained individuals “who could take all stimulus, statistics, etc. and see the flow of what was to come.” They had an incredible ability to process numbers, much like a human with a computer brain. Read More →

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