President’s Message

We know events matter in fundraising. Our studies of generational giving in three countries shows that across all generations, people participate in events or give to those who participate in events. Whether it’s Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers or Matures, events are central to supporting charities. But we’ve done one thing to events that is now unacceptable: placing them in their own event silo with very little connection to other areas of giving or engagement.
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Jumping Towards Success: Bringing a Classic Event into the 21st Century

If you ask around your office, you’re bound to find someone who participated in Jump Rope for Heart as a kid. Jump Rope for Heart is easily one of the longest running and most successful youth fundraising events. And it will be for a long time to come. Not just because it’s essentially a rite of passage for kids in Canada, but also because the Heart and Stroke Foundation continues to evolve their event. So, how are they doing this? Read More →

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