Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

It’s that time of year again – American Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, and endless shopping deals.

While most of the world is ramping up for Black Friday, nonprofits are gearing up for year-end fundraising. As our metrics show, the majority of fundraising revenue for the year will be made during these last two months – and – having a plan is crucial for success. You’ve probably already prepared a killer year-end plan, but we thought we would share a few powerful segmentation ideas to boost your upcoming email appeals. Read More →

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Holiday Campaigns – 5 Key Steps

At this time of the year, most people aren’t even thinking about the holidays, but for nonprofits and charities, this is peak time for planning and executing holiday campaigns.

Get in touch today and learn how we can help create your most successful holiday campaign yet.

This is not only the busiest time, but for most organization it’s the time they can expect to receive many of their largest donations. Nearly 20% of all annual online donations are made in December, and donors tend to give 80% larger gifts during this month too. (Classy:

Hjc has developed a simple 5-Step Guide on how to be ready to maximize on your holiday campaign:

1. Optimize your homepage
Your homepage is often the first online touch point for most people aside from online ads.

Make sure there is real estate saved above the fold for your holiday campaign that helps get your supporters exited while providing details of the goals, and how the donations will be used.
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Hjc’s P2P Boot Camp

Last week, hjc and Beyond hosted a Peer-to-Peer Boot Camp in Los Angeles. Keynote speaker Amy Milne (former Director of Events at Sick Kids Foundation and Canadian Cancer Society, and co-founder of Beyond,) led the Boot Camp. The event had special guest panelists Michael Johnston, president of hjc; as well as executives from Hirschberg Foundation, City of Hope, and Children’s Hospital LA.

The day sparked the opportunity to share learnings around peer-to-peer fundraising events. From best practices, success and challenges, looking at post-event initiatives, and bolstering retention and revenue.
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12 Rules of Non-Profit (Video) Storytelling

There is no doubt that video storytelling is the most powerful tool to get up close and personal with your supporters.

You can communicate your mission and mandate by telling a story of someone (or animal) that benefits from your organizations. That testament is an effective moment to ask for a donation, whether it’s from a celebrity or from the subject themselves.

See examples of our successful storytelling.
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Let Data Lead the Way

For most of us, January is about creating overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions and then quickly realizing how unrealistic they were in the first place.
But now it’s February! Your holiday campaigns are all wrapped up and at this point you’ve (hopefully) had some time to analyze your 2014 marketing, communications, and fundraising results. What strategies worked? Which tactics should you do more of this year? What are you confident that will you never, ever try again?
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