Meet The Team: Hilary Grunewald

This month we are focusing on our team in the USA! Hilary Grunewald is a Fundraising Consultant and heads up Operations south of the border.

1. What makes hjc unique as an agency?
We’re fundraisers first! Many of us worked for nonprofit organizations, so we understanding the importance of providing the highest value for every dollar our clients spend with us. We are also a full service agency that can take a campaign from conception to implementation to post launch.
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Meet the Team….Francis Lim,Lead Developer

This month, meet our Lead Developer, Francis Lim:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at hjc.
As the Lead Developer at hjc, I’m fortunate to work with a talented team of developers to help our clients realize their visions. I work with our development team to bend and twist online fundraising platforms such as Luminate Online and Team Raiser. My browser homepage is set to

- a great site for web design and development trends, so I can keep up with the ever changing web.

2. What makes hjc unique as an agency?
hjc is made up of people who are passionate about helping nonprofits, myself included. We’ve been working with nonprofits for over two decades and in the process we’ve learned a lot, essentially allowing us to become a knowledge hub for the sector. We’re able to share our collective knowledge with our clients, to help them make more informed decisions and advance the sector at the same time.

We’re not only nonprofit strategists, but we are practitioners – designing and implementing different technologies which allows us to have a more holistic understanding of nonprofit technology.
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Meet the hjc Team: Emma Cosgrove, Operations Manager

Hjc has some of the smartest experts in the non profit world, so what better way to meet them then through our blog! This week, the Wonder Woman of the office, our Operations Manager – Emma Cosgrove

What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is the only agency that focuses solely on non profits and has the expertise in a fully integrated approach to fundraising and communications. We think big picture but can also tactically execute with our in house creative team.

What’s your role at the agency?
I am the Operations Manager and Senior Consultant at hjc – I make sure our company runs smoothly so we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients. While my main role is to oversee the team here, I also oversee projects we are working on and help out the team when needed.

What 3 quick tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Don’t be scared to change
2) Talk to your supporters!
3) Think about collecting emails at every touch point – you can’t talk to your supporters if you have no way to reach them.
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