Featured Profile: Joan Wheatley

This month, Mike and Joan have an in depth talk about integrated fundraising at Special Olympics.

Joan Wheatley, VP, Donor Development at Special Olympics Read More →

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Featured Profile: Britt Roberts and Neil Paterson from the Global Peace Initiative

This month, we chatted about how they built their email list from scratch.

When you were starting off and in need of building a brand new audience, what made you go with hjc as a partner?

We were introduced to hjc by a well-respected Canadian fundraising consultant. We were looking for a firm that specialized in online fundraising and that had experience beyond North America. Several of our directors met with Michael Johnston in person and via video conference and thought, based on its track record, hjc was a good fit.  Read More →

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Featured Profile: Alex Huebner

This month, you’re introduced to Alexandra Huebner. She’s the newest Fundraising Innovation Consultant at hjc. Read More →

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I’m Almost Done School and Going to be an Intern!

A candid look at the Fundraising and Volunteer Management Program at Humber from hjc’s future intern, Cinthia Bunford. Read More →

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Featured Profile: Elain Evans

Elain Evans, Director, Annual Giving at UBC


Can you tell us a little bit about your role at UBC?

I am the Director of the Annual Giving team. We are responsible for doing all the direct response work for over a dozen faculties, schools and campus initiatives. I lead a team of 13 full-time staff and also 70 part-time student callers.

We’re a busy bunch! Last year, we completed 169 campaigns resulting in 29,417 gifts. I love my job, as it is the perfect combination for my data head (I studied monitoring and evaluation) and the writer in me (I’m also a food writer for Men’s Health magazine). Basically, I like creating things that cause people to take action. I also feel very blessed to get to lead a team of talented people who bring their A game to work every day. Read More →

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