Featured Profile: Kellie Ellis

Kellie shares some secrets about managing of TVO’s Annual Giving and Direct Response program. Read More →

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Featured Profile: Cynthia Foster

This month, we managed to pull Cynthia away from writing to chat about her job as fundraising copywriter for hjc. Read More →

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Featured Profile: Stephen Butler

This month we chatted with Stephen Butler, fundraiser for more than 15 years, expert in direct marketing, major donor fundraising and our partner in Xtraordinary Fundraising, our UK integrated fundraising consultancy. Read More →

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Farrah Rooney, Manager, BC SPCA Fundraising Events

Farrah Rooney, Manager, BC SPCA Fundraising Events, talks with us about cooking up a national peer to peer fundraising event that requires sound technology, cooperation between organizations, and imagination. Read More →

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Featured Profile: David Parkinson

The Jump program is a cost-effective way for organizations to implement an organized and integrated online presence. By packaging Unxvision eSolutions and hjc consulting, organizations will have the right tools, and be able to properly use them to see the best possible return from their online investment.

What prompted you and hjc to create a program like Jump?

I saw this as a great opportunity to help address a significant lack of online fundraising capability among many, if not most, charities. In particular, most smaller organizations don’t have the resources or experience in online fundraising, or there just aren’t any affordable options. The combined and coordinated capabilities of hjc’s strength in online and integrated consulting and UNX’s versatile online software, creates a unique opportunity to fill this void.

Of all the eSolutions available to organizations today, what separates the Jump program from the pack?

The point is that Jump facilitates the optimization of use of online fundraising solutions. Often clients will have online solutions, but not have be able to effectively use them. It could be because there’s a knowledge gap, or because there simply isn’t the staff.

Jump is an intentional 12-month program of training, planning and consulting in strategic online campaign development and constituent engagement – using best practices. The cohort model allows us to offer the tools and service at such a low cost that it’s feasible for any size of charity to participate.

If an organization joins the Jump program, coming from a place of minimal online involvement, what do you think they would see as their most drastic changes over the course of 12 months?

The Jump program isn’t academic, but is designed to help the organization start to actually realize revenues and build online capacity. It will develop an online constituent base that can be further nurtured both online as well as through integrated multi-channel fundraising. UNX’s technology platform – Cause2Give™ – is structured holistically to allow for the strategic leverage and management of online constituent relationships so the organization can continue to build their capacity.

What other innovative products and programs does UNX offer that can help charities build their online capacity?

A recent area of focus for us has been developing a software functionality that enables charities to do a better job keeping their donors. Online stewardship is a major area of underdevelopment. As a result, charities lose so many donors they acquire each year.  We encourage our clients to not only put emphasis on acquiring new donors, but equally to ensure that efforts are strategically planned and implemented for keeping and nurturing the donors they have. We just launched a new version of our Online Retention and Stewardship solution which uniquely serves this purpose with full micro-site functionality and programmable email and video-mail communication streams. It’s great for all types of donor retention and stewardship.


Want more information on Jump? Send Scott an email.


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