Legacy Survey Case Study – Three Office Test

hjc and WSPA began working together in February 2012. WSPA has a culture of sharing ideas, results and materials between offices in different countries and wanted to bring this same philosophy to the planned giving arena.

Three Office Test 

As part of the year one test, three WPSA legacy officers from the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia decided to participate. All of these offices had established planned giving programs but all recognized there were areas which could be improved.

hjc carefully crafted a self-identification scored survey which was designed to achieve a number of things: Read More →

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President’s Message

I love the title of the new book on Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy. It’s deceptive and tricky.

Because it’s changing the rules – and it’s not changing the rules. What I mean is that fundamentally people give for most of the same reasons no matter the country: they give to help others; they give to make the world a better place; and they give so that the future is better than today. Read More →

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Attention UK Fundraisers: Xtraordinary Fundraising Launch

For UK charities that are eager to embrace integrated fundraising, the launch of Xtraordinary Fundraising is good news!

Xtraordinary Fundraising—or just Xtraordinary—can help you maximize your fundraising revenue with a range of integrated services. The best part…they have some unique resources that will help you discover your supporters’ potential.

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Shared Perspectives on Planned Giving

Mike Johnston and Paul Nazareth recently had lunch and over two very good salads, they realized some shared perspectives on planned giving in Canada.

I recently had lunch with Paul Nazareth and over two very good salads we realized some shared perspectives on planned giving in Canada:

1. There is WAY too much planned giving strategy that is based on what others are doing. When it comes to innovation, planned giving staff are sadly behind. We both agreed that the reality of a slightly moribund sub group of fundraisers is going to miss out on some clearly big trends e.g. the new use of the online environment to find bequest donors. Read More →

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The Lowest Cost Way to Acquire Legacy Leads

What is the absolute lowest cost way to get bequest (legacy) leads and then subsequently do some market research, cultivate, and solicit these individuals? Read More →

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