Millennials Online: Confirming and Refuting the Stereotypes

With the recent release of Achieve’s excellent Millennial Impact Report, we couldn’t help but think a little more about the millennial generation – what we know about how they interact with technology, and what we think we know about how they interact with technology. This generation is incredibly important for the long-term health of non-profit organizations, so we better figure out how we can best engage them.

Before we dive in, let’s take a step back and quickly talk about who millennials are. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are typically defined as being born in the early 1980s up to the late 1990s. In our Next Generation of Canadian Giving report we define them as being born between 1981-1991. For Achieve’s report, they define a millennial as someone born between 1979-1994.

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President’s Message

In the past, holiday giving was more generic and general. An email or direct mail appeal would go out in November. Predictably, it would talk about the special time of year and why someone should give to the worthy cause because of that special time. There was no specificity in the offer. The donor’s holiday gift was positioned as an extra generous thing to do at a special time of year.

This won’t work well anymore. Read More →

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Next Gen UK: How Do Donors Behave Across the Pond?

Spring 2013 saw the launch of two hjc initiatives – the launch of Xtraordinary Fundraising, our UK based integrated fundraising sister consultancy and the Next Generation of UK Giving 2013 report. Following our Next Gen Canada/US report of 2011, we turned our attention to the UK market and carried out a similar study, surveying 1,500 UK donors on their giving behavior. No study of this kind had been carried out in the UK and it’s interesting to compare UK donor behavior with North America. Read More →

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Symbolic Giving – A Rapid Review

If there’s ever a good reason to redouble your effort in a certain area of fundraising, it’s when you hear that it’s in decline or its days are numbered. Here, we take a quick look at the future of online symbolic giving, what the data is telling us and what you can do now to take stock and review your current program. Read More →

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What’s HOT: hjc in the Globe and Mail!

Our Next Generation of Canadian Giving Study was recently featured in the Globe and Mail as part of a feature by AFP. We thought the article showed great insight into trends for the sector. Read More →

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