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It seems that every other day, there’s a client or prospective client who says they want to be the next charity:water. Can anyone be the next charity:water? What does it even mean to be charity:water?

But the most important question is this: When you peel away the glossy images, the coolness, and the je ne sais quoi of charity:water, do you actually want to be just like them? Read More →

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President’s Message

In the past, holiday giving was more generic and general. An email or direct mail appeal would go out in November. Predictably, it would talk about the special time of year and why someone should give to the worthy cause because of that special time. There was no specificity in the offer. The donor’s holiday gift was positioned as an extra generous thing to do at a special time of year.

This won’t work well anymore. Read More →

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President’s Message

I love the title of the new book on Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy. It’s deceptive and tricky.

Because it’s changing the rules – and it’s not changing the rules. What I mean is that fundamentally people give for most of the same reasons no matter the country: they give to help others; they give to make the world a better place; and they give so that the future is better than today. Read More →

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President’s Message

 “Yea, verily, the Young shall inherit the fundraising world”

I’m constantly disappointed by ageism in the fundraising and nonprofit sector. I often hear how young people have let down a charity executive and they aren’t going to hire any more young people.

There’s a simple demographic reason to hire young people in fundraising: they are getting older and are becoming today’s and tomorrow’s donors. If we want to relate to, cultivate, and steward younger donors, we need young fundraisers learning how to be excellent fundraising professionals.

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President’s Message

What do we do with numbers in the charitable sector? Soon Blackbaud will release the new Online Benchmarking Study and no doubt it will have you wondering, how do increase my average gift? How do I get a better response rate online? How do I grow my email file? Read More →

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