5 little known LinkedIn tools and tips

Clare McDowall is the Communications Director at one of Canada’s first micro-giving sites for environmental projects, Small Change Fund.  Prior to moving to Canada, Clare worked in fundraising for Oxfam Great Britain, and was the Scottish Ambassador for, the worldwide Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.  She is a strong believer in communicating important social issues to a wider audience using all of the great tools available in this digital age in a way that any person can ‘get’.  She is now the Social Media Manager for, the lead organizer of Be Good Be Social in Toronto, a social media conference for non-profits in Canada, and lead consultant at Socially Good, consulting for non-profits and social enterprises. Read More →

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President’s Message

If you listen to the comedian, Louis C.K. talk about twitter during Conan, you’ll get a quick and visceral understanding of the general criticism of digital media—social media more specifically. There are a lot of us in the nonprofit digital space who don’t flinch from the limitations of the online environment and don’t shy away from social media because of the criticism. And, rightfully so.
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What’s Hot: Using Social Media Increases Fundraising by 40%!

According to Nielsen Online’s Global Index, people now spend more time on social media sites than they do on email. So, logically, leveraging social media to encourage donations in addition to email solicitations makes good sense. Read More →

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What’s Hot: Facebook iFrames

When Facebook announced that they would no longer support FBML & Static FBML, most of us screamed in horror. While you’re able to keep these apps if you already have them installed, you have now lost the ability to add them. However, the good news is that we now have an even better option to work with – iFrames. This transition is good news for nonprofits. Why? Read More →

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Social Media for Emergencies

The world of non profits is based on passion and human connectedness and social media has allowed organizations to do this in a more stream lined and effortless way. Social media gives organizations the opportunity to connect to a larger audience than ever before, instantly. During times of emergency, such as the Haiti earthquake, this instant connection with your audience is a vital part of sharing information, raising funds and mobilizing people. Your supporters are far more frequently on Facebook and Twitter then they are on your website – so social media should be one of the first venues you get the word out about an emergency and also one of the first where you make requests for help. Read More →

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