Stop Procrastinating on Holiday Planning! Here’s Why

I don’t have my tree. I haven’t thought about lights. And I haven’t bought any presents yet. It’s August after all and the winter holidays are the last thing on my mind. Sort of.

Since we work in the charitable sector, we need to start thinking about holiday season now. Yesterday actually, would have been better. If you don’t start marketing early, you’ll miss people. But you really shouldn’t start without a plan.

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Problem Solving in the Nonprofit Sector

There was a reason that the master management consultant, Peter Drucker, moved more of his professional work to the non-profit sector and away from the commercial sector: problem solving in the non-profit sector is more often MUCH more complicated from a change management perspective. Read More →

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It’s event season! Are you looking at the right KPIs?

Fundraising events are a predominant way that Gen X and Boomers are supporting charities. (See our Next Gen study with Convio). Are you prepared for the reality that middle aged and younger donors more and more ‘just want to have fun’ while raising money. And what’s more – Gen Z are now becoming some of our best fundraisers through events. Read More →

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Seeing the Light – Takeaways from Earth Hour

Earth Hour, a campaign organized by WWF, is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, businesses and governments to take positive action for the environment by turning off their lights. It started in Australia in 2007 and has since grown into a global phenomenon. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said it best: “Let us use 60 minutes of darkness to help the world see the light.” And see the light they did! Earth Hour 2011 was the largest voluntary action every witnessed. Read More →

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The Next Generation of Canadian Giving

A few months ago, hjc and partners Convio and Stratcom released a report on Canadian giving trends. The Next Generation of Canadian Giving is a study on the multichannel preferences and charitable habits of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Civics.

Check out the interesting analysis of the study by Zak Bailey of Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in Toronto. Read More →

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