Not Another Rubber Chicken Gala!

Galas can have a staid and rubber chicken reputation for good reason. They haven’t changed much for many organizations for the last 50 years. But technology leaps and generational differences should push more charities to rethinking, and tinkering, with their galas.

14 years ago—yes …14 years ago—a community based senior’s services organization, the Mon Sheong Foundation, asked hjc to redefine their gala. Read More →

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Does your organization really need a responsive website?

It seems like everybody is talking about the importance of responsive web design. But for non-profit organizations, it’s hard to know whether this is just the latest technology buzzword or if it’s actually the real deal.

Well, I’m here to tell you in this article that it’s absolutely the real deal. Why? Read More →

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4 Spring Email Stewardship Strategies

Spring is right around the corner– the days are getting longer and the weather a little warmer. With a bucket full of new online donors from the holiday season (hopefully), now is the perfect time to brush up your email stewardship strategy. Read More →

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Integrating eCommerce at the Ontario SPCA

The Client: Ontario SPCA

Through its province-wide network of 50 plus Communities, the Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal welfare organizations in the country, providing care and shelter for tens of thousands of animals every year.

hjc has been working with the Ontario SPCA since 2009, most recently helping to build out components within their new integrated fundraising technology platform.

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President’s Message

What is Big Data and what does it have to do with the nonprofit sector?

Books and articles about Big Data are beginning to flow. But…just what the heck is that? In layperson’s terms, Big Data are data sets that are too large for existing data management tools to sort, analyze, and visualize in a reasonable set of time. Read More →

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