President’s Message

The mad pace of technological progress and its impact on the philanthropic consumer can be disconcerting. How do fundraisers influence things?

I think the answer is – jump right in! What do I mean by that? I mean that for veteran fundraisers, we need to become technology entrepreneurs. Every day, technology start-ups come across my desk: exciting new mobile applications, light weight but capable, cloud based CRMs, crowdsourcing platforms, and everything else under the digital sun.

There is enormous potential in all this electronic froth… some of it is highly focused on our market but a lot of it is just a touch naive and possibly a bit simple-minded about the charitable sector.

What we actually need is investment, risk, and guidance from fundraisers themselves. Why don’t we create a small but mighty private investment fund? Why don’t we get a group of fundraisers together and create a place for new good (read: useful for fundraising) technology ideas to get some funding, some mentorship, and some early beta clients?

I’m in. Who’s going to join me?

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JUMP Online Fundraising

October marks the release of an exciting new product in the online fundraising space. hjc and UNX have teamed up to offer an affordable, turnkey solution that will launch your organization’s first online efforts, or revamp and re-strategize your existing online practices. Read More →

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President’s Message

For nonprofit organizations with limited resources like budget, staff, or expertise, doing something new or improved in fundraising can be a real challenge. This month’s newsletter has some excellent examples of nonprofit organizations who have taken the risk of allocating extra resources to do something new and improved, like OSPCA and Sunshine Foundation’s new symbolic gift campaigns. Read More →

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How do you know if you need new technology?

Do you know how frustrating it is when you really, really need your technology to do something, and it simply won’t? Chances are you’ve had it up to here at one point or another with it. We have to face it though; technology is an incredibly important part of your fundraising pencil case. If you’re frustrated with or limited by your current technology, it might be time to look for something new. To help you figure out if it’s time to make a switch, we’ve complied some of the most helpful questions to consider when thinking about new technology. Read More →

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4 things in your fundraising pencil case that need to be right

Technology, staff, your strategic plan, your case for support. You can consider these the building blocks of your organization’s success, or failure if you don’t have them right. It’s like bringing a regular old calculator to advanced calculus. It might work for you the first week of class, but by Chapter 2 in the textbook, it’s not going to be enough. You need a special one to make it through the course, or, unless you’re a character in a movie, you’re probably going to fail. Read More →

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