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hjc understands the importance of advocacy in generating warm leads for a charity, as well as raising awareness of critical environmental, animal welfare, and political issues.  If the goal of your campaign is action - as in signing a petition, sending a postcard, or passing along a "Word-of-Mouse" campaign message, then HJC can help you with creative design and implementation of online tools that engage and mobilize your constituents.

In 2009, hjc helped to create, and manage, a global advocacy and fundraising campaign for Humane Society International.  That campaign has recently won the European Public Affairs Award for 2009 in Brussels. You can read more at For hjc this campaign had 2 goals:  (1) Acquiring campaign advocates and (2) Converting those advocates into donors by email and telephone.  In the end, over 220,000 advocates were found, and continues to convert these to monthly donors through multiple channels.  In North America, the break-even ROI was an amazing 12 months!


The cross-channel, peer to peer fundraising model for events is an area where hjc excels!  Combining the telephone and print, best in class fundraising tools, inspiring messaging, and best practice communication plans, hjc can supercharge the fundraising potential of any event. In 2009, hjc developed the concept, created a custom personal page giving tool, managed the internal and paid marketing, and fully executed the first event of its kind for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the USA.  Be There 1st offered participants an insider’s view of what it was like for MSF emergency teams to respond to an emergency.  Fundraisers experienced the largest meningitis response in MSF’s history through weekly situation reports, field blogs, and imagery.  hjc translated best practice from traditional events to the virtual, raising more than $160,000 in the first year.  Storytelling, fast-paced communication, and high-care customer service for participants, and an online tool that takes the best in personal page fundraising to the next level…  The campaign can only get better in 2010 and beyond!

Symbolic Giving

hjc has been executing and perfecting symbolic giving campaigns for clients for over a decade.  Our experience is the deepest in the sector and we have developed many symbolic gift campaigns for the largest non-profit and charity brands in Canada and internationally.

When the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) decided to enter the market, hjc jumped on the opportunity to apply their learning to this formidable brand.  The result:  hjc managed the creative, implementation, copy writing and analytics tracking for all marketing for SickKids’ holiday campaign.  In its first holiday season, SickKids Get Better Gifts raised more than $100,000 for the charity.

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving Group Canada is designed to generate bequests, expectancies and prospects that can be stewarded and cultivated for years to come - for the approximate cost of a planned giving officer's salary and benefits for one year. Legacy Giving Group Canada is a logical, systematic program that can be easily learned and quickly implemented. It also takes into account that staff time is limited for any new endeavour and this program is there to provide outside assistance to ensure that the program is success.

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