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The only constant in the digital space is change, and hjc is here to help your organization capture the energy and manage the potential of digital for you. The interactive team at hjc are mavens of digital and users of technology – we pride ourselves on keeping up with cutting edge and bring our passion for new media to the forefront. We value the digital mix and bring multiple facets of online to you, from search to mobile and email to display, we are eager to mix it up for fundraising and branding success. hjc is excited to show you the ropes in:

Social Media and Reputation Management

From Facebook to Twitter, Blogs to Wikis – join the conversation and have your say! Keep an eye on what people think of you, we can help!

Social media is quickly becoming a vital tool – and adjunct – to most online and offline fundraising, brand building, advocacy, and communications activities.

Leveraging social media tools can provide many benefits to your organization, including, but not limited to:

  • An opportunity to build awareness/credibility from the very beginning
  • Pro-active method of brand management – opportunity to educate users
  • Generate greater website traffic
  • An opportunity to connect with and build rapport with an interested, targeted audience

hjc strongly believes that our integrated fundraising, communications, marketing, advocacy, and social network experience puts us in a unique position to help you move forward. We can help facilitate and lead your organization to a place where you raise awareness for campaigns; initiate brand-building activities and engage with those who want to connect to your mission.

Contact us today for more information on our social media marketing services!

Display Advertising

Banners and branding. Display ads when paired with search can give you 52% lift in exposure just one week in!

Email Marketing

Grow your list, engage on a personal level. Testing messaging and creative can secure a great email for you that readers will want to pass along!

Sponsorships and Microsites

Reach a major group of influencers, grow your brand and raise money!

Video Advertising

Technological advances have made it easier to create and distribute engaging video products for campaigning, education, and fundraising. And we are all becoming more demanding when it comes to the storytelling and production values we expect online and on television.

Most nonprofit video suppliers either come from the commercial sector, where they are more comfortable with selling automobiles and toothpaste, or they are keen but amateur do-gooders whose limited skill sets restrict their ability to deliver top quality projects.

In light of these realities, how can nonprofit organizations afford to make world-class media assets at affordable rates?

hjc has found a solution.

We bring you Emmy and Gemini winning documentary and feature film directors, cinematographers, writers, editors, and their support staff at reasonable prices.

Our new team has experience making successful PSAs and fundraising DRTV spots.

Our award-winning and talented filmmakers make films that appear on television and in cinema around the world, BUT are also dedicated to making the world a better place.

hjc film and video is partnered with Nomad Films. You can visit and see their work at

Contact us today for more information on hjc film and video!

Search Engine Marketing, including optimization

Be top of mind at the bottom of the buying funnel, search gets results with great ROI.

Traditional Media

We are digitally driven and value the role of traditional media, let us work with your print, broadcast, outdoor and radio teams to plan, buy and execute a fully rounded campaign.