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hjc is increasingly educating our clients in the management and enjoyment of social media. Social media, now more than ever, is a key donor and advocate touch point, and works in your favour to extend reach, and educate. Whether you’re looking to get started with new social properties or seeking improvements to take your usage to the next level, we can tailor a package to best suit your needs. Our in-house social media experts can help set your social properties and educate and train your staff on the management of these tools. If you have prior experience, hjc can help you take your social profiles to the next level to further engage your audience with custom creative, platform integration and/or custom forms.

Social Media Quick Wins

Is your organization active across several social media networks but struggling to grow your follower base or engage the followers you already have? Let hjc put together a mini-audit of your existing profiles which includes: high-level account stats and trends, content analysis, competitor research and actionable recommendations.

You will be provided with a concise, tailored document to use as an action plan to take your social media accounts to the next level.

Social Media Audit

One of the greatest challenges that nonprofits face is that they cannot effectively measure, evaluate and benchmark their social media efforts against similar organizations within their vertical.

hjc will provide an in-depth analysis of your organization’s presence across current social networks and identify new opportunities to strengthen your brand. A thorough competitive analysis will be conducted to ensure that you are able to cut through the noise effectively.

This audit aims to unveil new information and provide you with the following answers:

  • What are all the online assets that exist for my organization?
  • How are my competitors using social media? How can we differentiate ourselves?
  • What type of content generates the most interactions?
  • What time should I be posting and how often?


At hjc, we strongly believe in including our clients throughout the planning process of all our projects.

Gathering insights from your staff, we will develop a customized action plan that suits the needs of your organization. This survey aims to understand the goals of key stakeholders, the level of knowledge of current staff on social media use, organizational structure, and to identify existing resources that can br leveraged.

Action Plan

hjc will develop and present a tactical action plan based on findings from the survey and organizational needs. This plan will incorporate strategic acquisition and brand building goals that are broken into week-by-week segments to work in sync with your long-term fundraising strategy.

The tactical action plan will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How can we organize all of our social media profiles so that there is one unified voice coming from the organization?
  • Who is (or should be) responsible for managing these properties?
  • How can we leverage the networks that our organization currently has a presence on?
  • What tools do we use to measure and analyze our efforts?
  • How can we monitor the conversations around our brand?
  • How do we manage a team of multiple users?
  • How can we effectively integrate social media into the rest of our e-Communications strategy?

hjc will also provide you with a drafted social media policy to ensure consistent use of social media within your organization resulting in a well represented brand.

Training Workshop

Based on the findings from the survey and if required, hjc will provide the necessary training to organizational stakeholders to educate them on appropriate tools and social network best practices.

On-site Training

Timeline: negotiable
Location: on-site/web as needed
Deliverable: 3 hours/workshop (presentation materials included). This might be intensive training for the CEO or an appropriate staff person who will be the key social media content creator or it could be a session for multiple staff).

Support & Strategic Consulting

Allow hjc to help you make your mark in the social media realm. Our experienced staff is ready, willing and able to provide you with the assistance you require to get you started or to take your participation to the next level.

Creative & Technical Services

Have you ever thought about embedding a donation page or e-news sign-up on your Facebook Page but never knew how? We can help. Allow our team of experienced nonprofit designers/developers to enhance your existing social media profile pages and take them to the next level.

Examples of some of the creative/technical work our development team can provide:

  • Embed Donation page/E-News sign-up
  • Embed an event sign-up/registration page
  • Customized campaign landing page
  • Custom profile graphics or background images
  • Embed symbolic gift catalog

Contact us today for more information on our social media marketing services!