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We have worked with many organizations of all shapes and sizes, across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia/New Zealand. We bring this global focus to our work with every client, using the best practices and learning of many organizations' experiences. Our team of consultants encompasses a wide range of skills, experience and expertise, ready to help your organization improve results and work to fulfill your mission and mandate.

E-philanthropy Integrated Fundraising Plan

Is your organization prepared to use the web effectively?

hjc will research your organization's e-philanthropy skills and expertise, from web site management to daily administration in order to help you maximize your human and technical resources. Our audit includes identifying and conducting interviews with stakeholders, gathering data, analyzing results and preparing a final document with key recommendations. An integrated e-philanthropy plan with specific goals, budgets, timelines, and tactics will allow you to leverage the full value of your current and future online fundraising capability. Your organization will be able to plan, execute, test, and evaluate the combination of new and old fundraising methods.

The Holiday (Year-end) Mini-Audit

It's simple, quick and the results mean more money raised and better donor relationships built through improvements to your existing holiday campaigns. The last 3 months of the year mean more to most charities than any other time of the year. hjc has been developing year-end, integrated campaign plans for over 15 years. Let a team of hjc fundraising experts analyse your current plan to uncover those areas of true potential for holiday and beyond.

Give us 5 hours and 2 weeks to deliver 10 areas for improvement to maximize your revenue potential. This full-circle audit will provide you with a comprehensive quick-win action plan that leaves no stone left unturned and that will allow you to leverage the full value of your holiday and future online fundraising capability.

The integrated online quick-win plan

It's simple, quick and the results are more money raised and better donor relationships built through improvements to a charity or non-profit’s online giving. The integrated online quick-win plan ensures you can move fast to improve key areas of online and integrated fundraising, such as: online giving usability improvements; online integration with face-to-face giving; online integration with telephone conversion of online activists.

A team of hjc fundraising practitioners will first analyse the main areas of your website using cutting edge usability testing tools and expert analysis. A one-day facilitated session follows where we join you at your offices to evaluate your specific needs and how our expertise with your experience can help inform the quick-win plan. Within six weeks you receive a comprehensive quick-win action plan that leaves no stone left unturned and that will allow you to leverage the full value of your current and future online fundraising capability.

Usability testing & analysis

hjc recognizes the importance of usability testing and analysis to fully appreciate why a visitor to a charity or non-profit’s website has landed there and how they spent their time. In this case, usability is the relationship between the website and the people who use it. Visitors to a charity or non-profit website must always be viewed as potential or existing donors; if a visitor has a bad experience the likelihood of them returning will no doubt be reduced substantially. For it to be effective, the website should allow visitors to accomplish their tasks in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Our in depth user behaviour and motivation testing backed up by over 15 years experience of building charity and non-profit websites ensures that our philosophy of putting the user first is fully implemented. Whether you are redesigning your current site or searching for quick-wins to reduce the barriers that get in the way of your visitors doing what they set out to do, our full usability testing and analysis provides you with the data-driven recommendations to make the right choices for change.

Website development project management

hjc takes a holistic approach to its fundraising and technology work and when it comes to building websites there’s no exception to the rule. We are committed to advancing charities and non-profits through offline and online fundraising initiatives and, for over ten years, a cornerstone of this commitment has been to help the non-profit community build websites. We are unique in that we offer online and integrated fundraising expertise with design and development experience when building charity and non-profit websites. Our work can begin at the discovery stage and take you all the way through to post-launch training with everything in between. All website builds are different and, through our experience, we provide you with the components based on your specific requirements.

Rapid Service Design Consulting

Sometimes you’re happy with your website design, but it just needs an expert set of eyes to look over the copy or to make sure there are not any hidden mistakes. hjc can receive your creative material electronically and spend one day reviewing the material. In return, you will receive our RAPID-SERVICE edits, comments, and suggestions in a one-page document. hjc will also spend 30 minutes explaining the recommendations, changes and improvements.

We would pair an experienced fundraising innovation consultant and a fundraising web design expert with your existing design and project teams to make recommendations in the following areas:

  • Web site or web application look, feel, and personality
  • Usability and flow analysis
  • Integration of fundraising best practice into all recommendations
  • Development of implementation strategy for your site needs
  • Copy consulting, including titles, headings or subheadings based on how search engines will identify information on your site
  • Coordination of copywriting, programming, search engine optimization, site hosting, basic Google Analytics as needed

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