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Small is Beautiful (SiB) a new agency way to help make your direct mail, telephone and digital fundraising successful AND cost effective.

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A cartoon woman holding a glowing lightbulb to indicate a new idea.
A cartoon woman holding a glowing lightbulb to indicate a new idea.

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Our ambition, and what you get

At SiB we’re modular, so you can pick and choose what you want from our services – without set up, creative and other charges.

We don’t have the overheads that are associated with large agencies! All of this allows us to be ahead of the curve and produce Best In Class products working with the best vendors, specialists and providers across North America.

Direct Mail +

SiB is here to make it easy to budget and plan for integrated direct response fundraising. It’s as easy as choosing how many direct mail campaigns you need and then getting the integrated price. All in. No surprises.

How many integrated campaigns?

Like the price? Now hire us and you'll love the service and the results!

Services à la carte

Some of the services we can provide

Journey Mapping

SiB in conjunction with hjc has worked hard to use CX Journey Mapping and design thinking to bring cross functional teams closer together.

Direct Mail

With 60+ years of experience that expertly combines copy, design, production and strategy in every package. Whether it’s a house renewal, special, or acquisition package we have the strategy you need.


Since 1995, we’ve given clients the copy, design and strategy to craft the best email pieces to support and find fundraising synergy with each direct mail package or integrated campaign.

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Legacy Audit

The Legacy/Planned Giving audit is a one-to-one consulting experience that assesses your organization’s internal and external culture to further enrich your legacy giving activities.

Social Media

For over a decade, we’ve given every direct mail package the social media support (through copy, design and strategy) to combine and expand the reach and fundraising of every direct mail appeal.


SiB and hjc have created and executed digitally-led surveys to help improve online and offline results for annual campaigns.