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Analytics & Reporting

Organizations undertake numerous fundraising and marketing initiatives online every year without monitoring and optimizing their efforts for the next year. Relying mostly on faith, and best guesses, little effort is invested in measuring processes and outcomes or testing new ideas. This continues despite several studies showing that proper tracking and optimization can yield instant increases to ROI and help foster long term revenue growth.

hjc Charity Analytics offers sophisticated analytics, optimization and reporting for multi-channel, integrated fundraising, communications and marketing. Let us help you leverage an advanced installation of specialized business intelligence tools that can provide Campaign ROI Analysis, Real-Time Dashboard Reporting, Conversion Rates by Channel, Custom Event and Goal Tracking and all of your other important business metrics.

hjc Charity Analytics can help get your organization setup to measure success and even help analyze your results to ensure you are reaching your maximum potential. Let hjc Charity Analytics help you track and improve your ROI today.

Technology Audit and Vendor Selection

At hjc we're technology agnostic. But we understand it’s easy to get “sold” the wrong technology. We want you to have the best tools for your unique organization. At hjc we have a wealth of experience helping our clients, around the world, make complicated technology decisions and we offer a full technology audit to help your organization best integrate, upgrade or move towards technology bliss. The hjc Technology Audit includes organizational needs analysis, requirements definition, vendor recommendation, product reviews, and current client references for technology products of all shapes and sizes. This includes software for online fundraising, marketing, communications and advocacy including eCRM, Email Marketing, CMS, Reporting/Analytics, Video, Web 2.0 and many others. Contact us today to bring our expertise to your team.